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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Educational Software for Baby

IDR 98.000,-

Flash Cards (6-24 Months)
Feature :
  • Available in two language : Indonesian & English 
  • For ages 6-24 months
  • Equipped with a special tutorial for Parents
  • Animation and Graphic Design is very interesting for your baby
Synopsis :

Flash Card, a breakthrough in the field of education for children who use a number of cards as a learning tool. Flash Card Method allows toddlers are able to learn to read by considering how images and forms. In this case the right brain development stimulated children early on.

Edu-Games are now presenting a special series of Flash Cards to help your child learn to read faster than children in general and this product certainly require assistance and guidance in applying parent.
Products Edu-Games Flash Card is equipped with a guide and an explanation that is very practical and enables parents lay entirely with Flash Card. Flash Card Edu-Games also have been made in such a way that does not become a burden for the child's learning, but a very interesting game for him.

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