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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Smart with Edu-Story

IDR 19.000,-

Child's brain has a trillion brain cells, and bertriliun-trillion connections among brain nerve cells. If not stimulated early on, that connection would be weakened like leaves in autumn, their potential will fall.

The story is not merely a fantasy.
But the source of much imagination, creativity and potential, to train your memory, sound, expression, imagination, and most important motor contains the value of high character.

EDU Story is a collection of children's stories with audio CD package that contains a message of peace, inspiration and enthusiasm and high motivation, as well as moral guidance and the formation of character so as to develop the Emotional Spiritual Quotion (ESQ) them in the future through the story or characters that

There are 2 series are available edu story, namely science series: I think what?
and the classic series: song of the butterfly tree

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Learning Abacus with Easily and Quickly

IDR 98.000,-

Edugames: Smart Abacus
Feature :
  • Available in two language : Indonesian & English 
  • For children 6 years and over
  • Animation and Graphic Design is very interesting for your baby
  • Level of achievement and the creativity can be monitored in the Report
Synopsis :

Hearing these words, the first of the most remembered by his younger brother is an ancient Chinese calculating tool. Abacus is a calculating tool in ancient times made of wood and a row of beads that can be removable.

Reading Numbers 
Ability to read numbers on an abacus is very important, so we are not one of calculating a number that later. Watershed to determine the value of the abacus where the unit value. Therefore, younger brothers and sisters should be able to learn how to read the numbers correctly. C'mon! The spirit! Let us learn to read numbers with an abacus with Bobby and Nano. It must be really fun yes?

Basic addition and reduction 
Here, little sister - sister can learn the basic addition and subtraction abacus, by raising and lowering the abacus beads with the forefinger and thumb.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Educational Software for Baby

IDR 298.000,-

Toddler Package
Feature :
  • Available in two language : Indonesian & English 
  • For children under the age of 5 years
  • Equipped with a special tutorial for Parents
  • Animation and Graphic Design is very interesting for your baby
Synopsis :

Edu-Games launches a fantastic package for you, loyal fans Edu-Games. By combining 4 CD Software Edu-Games Toddlers series, Flash Card, Bobby Ball in the House and Kiki Rabbit Magic and Elves Cheers, get a gift VCD Animation Rumi Lonely Bobby Ball. This package is released with a price of Rp. 298,000, -

Thursday, February 18, 2010

FarmVille Secrets

Just $47 $27


The Ultimate FarmVille Guru Shares the Secret Tactic
You Can Use Legally and Dominate Your Way
to the Top of Facebook, Growing Your Farm at Light Speed. . .
100% Guaranteed - With the Latest Updates!

Here's Proof! Just Click on the Play Button on the Video Below to See How I Geared up my Character, Have the $1,000,000 Villa (THREE OF THEM), Maxed Out my Farmville Cash, Earned Every Ribbon Plus  Tons of Seeders, Harvesters and Tractors and STILL had Over $1,206,223 Cash Left... and How You Can Too! 
Feature :
  • 100% Legal and Totally Hack-Free Techniques 
  • Free Updates Included!
  • Current Techniques for Dominating The Game!
  • This is NOT a Membership Site (no monthly fees!)
  • There Is No Limit To How High You Can Go!
  • The Original FarmVille Secrets Strategy Guide!
  • Exactly what you should plant and when to make the biggest profits (this often brings a huge profit in a short period of time)
  • The simple way to quickly grow your neighbors without bombarding your friends list with a million invitations - this will blow you away!
  • and much more    

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My Porn Blocker

Only $39.95

My Porn Blocker
Protect Your Family From Internet Pornography!
Feature :
  • Block Offensive Content Before It Appears
    (Works behind the scenes and stops harmful websites before they appear, including newsgroups)
  • Integration With All Search Engines
    (This means your children can't search on a search engine and even see links to blocked sites. This new internet safety feature enables better protection against pornographic images when doing an "image only" search.)
  • Stop Illegal File Sharing / P2P Software
    (Only program on the net to block over 50 File Sharing Programs)
  • Works with IE 5.0+, FireFox, Netscape, Opera
    (Smart and effective content filtering works with any and all the popular browsers!)
  • Works with UNLIMITED # Of Windows Users
    (And is impossible to close or bypass, even by the smartest of users!)
  • Stealth Mode
    (Run silently and completely hidden from the task bar, system tray, process list, start menu and add/remove programs section!)
  • Block All Chat Software
    (Chat can be fun but it's also a very dangerous place where sex predators like to target kids, restrict chat effortlessly!)
  • Automatic ScreenShots
    (Secretly take high quality pictures of the screen every every x minutes and then view a handy DVD style slide show later to see everything!)
  • and many more    

Educational Software for Baby

IDR 98.000,-

Flash Cards (6-24 Months)
Feature :
  • Available in two language : Indonesian & English 
  • For ages 6-24 months
  • Equipped with a special tutorial for Parents
  • Animation and Graphic Design is very interesting for your baby
Synopsis :

Flash Card, a breakthrough in the field of education for children who use a number of cards as a learning tool. Flash Card Method allows toddlers are able to learn to read by considering how images and forms. In this case the right brain development stimulated children early on.

Edu-Games are now presenting a special series of Flash Cards to help your child learn to read faster than children in general and this product certainly require assistance and guidance in applying parent.
Products Edu-Games Flash Card is equipped with a guide and an explanation that is very practical and enables parents lay entirely with Flash Card. Flash Card Edu-Games also have been made in such a way that does not become a burden for the child's learning, but a very interesting game for him.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

AntiVirus PCMAV 2.3

PCMAV 2.3 Update Build2

PCMAV 2.3 Update Build2 been present with the addition of 10 new virus variant identification. For those users PCMAV 2.3, it is strongly recommended to update immediately, so that your PCMAV can recognize and eradicate the virus even more.

To obtain and use PCMAV this update, you simply run PCMAV Cleaner (PCMAV-CLN.exe), computer must be actively connected to the Internet (non-proxy). Automatic Updates feature from PCMAV will automatically download and update the database from PCMAV.

BIGBANG. The virus is created with Visual Basic programming language, is about 20 KB in a state of too-pack. Some virus files will be created on the root drive with the file name Dewi.exe Sandra, Luna Maya.exe, DSC_0506.exe, DSC_1505.exe and so on. BIGBANG string seen when the virus file right click, select Properties - Version - Internal Name. Some applications will be transferred by a virus, among others :
  • When accessing the command prompt (Start - Run - cmd), the application is called OSK (On Screen Keyboard).
  •  When accessing MS Config (Start - Run - msconfig), an application called a game MSheart.
  •  When accessing the Task Manager (Start - Run - taskmgr), the application is called Magnify.