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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Smart with Edu-Story

IDR 19.000,-

Child's brain has a trillion brain cells, and bertriliun-trillion connections among brain nerve cells. If not stimulated early on, that connection would be weakened like leaves in autumn, their potential will fall.

The story is not merely a fantasy.
But the source of much imagination, creativity and potential, to train your memory, sound, expression, imagination, and most important motor contains the value of high character.

EDU Story is a collection of children's stories with audio CD package that contains a message of peace, inspiration and enthusiasm and high motivation, as well as moral guidance and the formation of character so as to develop the Emotional Spiritual Quotion (ESQ) them in the future through the story or characters that

There are 2 series are available edu story, namely science series: I think what?
and the classic series: song of the butterfly tree

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