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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Learning Abacus with Easily and Quickly

IDR 98.000,-

Edugames: Smart Abacus
Feature :
  • Available in two language : Indonesian & English 
  • For children 6 years and over
  • Animation and Graphic Design is very interesting for your baby
  • Level of achievement and the creativity can be monitored in the Report
Synopsis :

Hearing these words, the first of the most remembered by his younger brother is an ancient Chinese calculating tool. Abacus is a calculating tool in ancient times made of wood and a row of beads that can be removable.

Reading Numbers 
Ability to read numbers on an abacus is very important, so we are not one of calculating a number that later. Watershed to determine the value of the abacus where the unit value. Therefore, younger brothers and sisters should be able to learn how to read the numbers correctly. C'mon! The spirit! Let us learn to read numbers with an abacus with Bobby and Nano. It must be really fun yes?

Basic addition and reduction 
Here, little sister - sister can learn the basic addition and subtraction abacus, by raising and lowering the abacus beads with the forefinger and thumb.

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