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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Educational Software for Children

IDR 98.000,-

Bobby Ball in the Village Rainbow (3-6 Years)
Feature :
  • Available in two language : Indonesian & English 
  • Animation and graphic design is very interesting for your baby
  • 12 area of the game striking and full of elements of education will
  • Level of achievement and the creativity can be monitored in the Report
Synopsis :

My friends, do you know if the rainbow village is home of our friend Bobby ball? Well Bobby rainbow live in the village along with her friends Kiki, Kobo and others.

In the village of the rainbow all know each other and help each other. Bobby is very happy to be there but can play also can learn and gain additional knowledge of the villagers such as the Nano is good in math, Mimo is good to remember and others.

Currently the village close to the rainbow's birthday, all the people who live there prepare them for the best gifts on offer at the time that birthday. Bobby did not want to miss and want to celebrate with the others. Let us help prepare Bobby Ball Rainbow Village gift for a birthday that will ...

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